Explore Syndic8's Features

Cloud-First Architecture

Scalable, reliable, secure. Syndic8's cloud-first design means that we handle all of the heavy lifting (no more worrying about backups!). Our team is experienced in building enterprise apps that seamlessly integrate with the many applications that modern companies use to run their business.

Cross-Company Communication

There's no shortage of industry solutions, from MDM & PIM, to PXM and PDM...but data problems continue to plague the industry. Syndic8 breaks the mold by focusing on centralizing communication between organizations. With convenient chat built directly into the application, as well as integrations with popular chat applications, companies can easily collaborate towards a common goal.

Fully Automated Workflows

The importance of structured workflow in enterprise-level products is steadily increasing - most major applications now incorporate it "out of the box". Leading e-commerce solutions are based on old architecture, and attempts to add workflow on top have been clunky and ineffective. Syndic8 was built with integrated workflow as a driver of all activity. Syndic8 pre-packages intuitive steps, automating away the tedious, repetitive tasks that add little firm value. This results in a dramatic increase to team capacity, allowing your staff to focus on adding meaningful value and market differentiation.

Advanced Analytics

How many products went live on time last year? How much did inaccurate listings cost the organization? What are the firm's most effective channels and what additional channels should be considered? Syndic8's analytics engine combines all major components of your e-commerce business, to provide business operators the metrics they need to make strategic decisions.