Dan Post added to Syndic8’s e-comm network


Boston, US (Dec 08, 2020) – Syndic8, the provider of cloud-based, collaborative, plug and play, digital distribution platforms, has announced that Dan Post Boot Company (“Dan Post”) has become the latest addition to its rapidly expanding client list. Established in the mid-1960s, Dan Post, the iconic, multi-branded western label has chosen the Syndic8 platform as a mission-critical component of its digital business transformation.

David Scott at Dan Post Boot Company commented, “Throughout these challenging times, the importance of our digital sales channels is increasing beyond all previous expectation. As such, it was crucial that we were able to exploit this change with a partner that understood the journey we needed to embark upon. We feel that, with Syndic8, we have found that partner”. The Syndic8 platform provides access to a product-specific digital, ecosystem covering brands, retailers, specialists, wholesalers, e-commerce marketplaces and fulfilment partners that allows a rapid deployment of product catalogs across multiple supply chain organizations. Syndic8’s state-of-the-art solution allows brand owners to reach more consumers, through their chosen channels, at the right time and at the lowest cost.

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