The Product Content Management Platform

with specialist support for high-variant SKUs

Automate and optimize your e-commerce operations with Syndic8’s feature-rich solution


Collaborative single source of truth to create, store and manage digital product data


One-click distribution of digital content to any destination in your trading network


Near real-time visibility of which of your digital products have / have not been listed


Maximize your e-commerce sales  by getting your products on the digital-shelf sooner, with greater accuracy and lower operating costs

Is the increased demand for your digital data making you cut corners?​

  • Consolidate all digital content into a single source of truth
  • Enrich standardized data with destination-specific content
  • Automate validation and verification rules to ensure all standards are met
  • Exploit machine-learning to continually improve data quality

Is your inability to handle increased data volumes and expanding channels / suppliers impacting your sales performance?

  • Expand your distribution and product choice through our “plug and play” network connections
  • Automate manually intensive processes to reduce on-boarding time and costs
  • Ensure products are available for sale exactly where and when you want them to be

Are your sales and merchandising staff spending time managing data rather than winning more business?

  • Automate digital operations and free resources to focus on driving revenue
  • Reduce operational costs and grow e-commerce margins
  • Curate destination-specific digital product data (images, videos and text) in real-time
  • Syndicate your data at the press of a button

Improve your e-commerce performance with Syndic8

Use our ROI calculator to see how you too can:

Increase revenues

Grow market access

Free-up key resources

Achieve rapid ROI or walk away

With Syndic8 you can reach more consumers, with the right products, via the right channels, at the right time and with the lowest operational cost.​