Never Miss a Live Date

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Calendar View

Your entire operation is date-driven, and missing a date has real revenue impact.

Stop reaching out to teams asking "where are we", only to hear "let me get back to you"! Syndic8's calendar view gives everyone visibility into upcoming dates and progress, enabling managers to adjust proactively.

Manage Brands and Marketplaces in One Place

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Channel Management

Controlling information moving in and out of your organization is difficult; managing those relationships is even harder.

Syndic8's Channel Manager offers a strategic overview of your entire business, with different views catered to your team. Finance can predict the business impact of making sweeping changes, while the marketing team manages the flow of content at any level, from individual UPCs all the way to entire suppliers and channels.

Optimize Your Listings

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Win on Search, Every Time

Competition is fierce, with an ever-increasing number of channels selling the same product. SERP, SEO, and proper listing locations are critical to the success of today's retailer.

Syndic8's integrated, automated workflow optimizes your listings every step of the way. Machine learning algorithms help align colors and categories, while an intuitive suggestion engine ensures your listings are optimized for search engines.

Check Your Work

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Verify listings are live

85% of surveyed retailers admitted they approved listings for sale, only to find out from lost sales that the listing never went live.

Syndic8's Live Verified engine ensures that a product is actually listed in each channel, offering an unprecedented level of confidence that products are available for sale.

Get Better Data

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Stop wasting time...

...on tedious, repetitive tasks that add little value to your organization. From filling in missing information, to manually linking product images, retailers spend too much time cleaning up low-quality data.

Syndic8's platform helps ensure a higher quality of data received, by allowing retailers to mandate minimum requirements for brand data. Automated workflow checks help link images to products, and fill in data gaps using web augmentation.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

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Is your team ready?

The relay-race to bring products to market is intense - merchandizing teams, imaging teams, finance teams, and more, all work in sequence to get catalogs live.

Syndic8 is built with workflow and team management in mind - teams own catalogs, offering clear visibility into next steps and responsibilities. Auto-escalation ensures that items never get stuck or missed again!