Control Your Brand

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Automatic Compliance Monitoring

Keeping all of your retailers aligned with price and content changes is difficult; verifying that retailers actually make the updates is a painful, time-consuming task.

Syndic8 runs nightly checks to make sure that your products are live on all approved channels (including your own site!). The compliance system automatically verifies that retailers don't list under MAP or on unapproved marketplaces.

Keep Pace with the Digital Shift

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Is your team ready?

The shift from brick-and-mortar sales to e-commerce is profound.  Today, 20% of footwear purchases are made online; that number is projected to grow to 60% in just 5 years.

Syndic8's catalog manager helps companies adapt and change with the industry, using advanced features such as version control, image matching, and selective distribution.

Effortlessly Connect with Retailers

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Syndication Management

Negotiating a new channel relationship is complicated. Data connectivity shouldn't be.

Syndic8 empowers your brand to quickly deliver quality data to retailers, so that you can confidently launch products on the same schedule. Reduce the back-and-forth with integrated chat and workflow.

Reach More Channels

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One Network

With thousands of active retailers and marketplaces, managing existing relationships is a true challenge.

Syndic8's Channel Manager gives brands an eagle-eye view of existing relationships, as well as visibility into potential new partnerships. Brands can start the conversation with a retailer directly within the platform, or immediately start listing catalogs directly on a marketplace.

Capture Lost Customers

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SEO, Taxonomy, & Link Optimization

Broken links and misleading stockouts leave prospective customers confused, and hurts retail conversion.

Never miss a sale from customers who search on old product versions. Syndic8 offers flexible product linkage to make sure that shoppers are redirected to the right place. Syndic8 also offers pre-configured taxonomy & color alignment, driven by a powerful set of machine-learning algorithms.