OPTP Picks Syndic8 for Delivery and Streaming of Rich Media Content

BOSTON, MA, October 11, 2022 – Syndic8, the rapidly expanding content delivery and syndication platform for high variance SKUs and rich media content has been selected by Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products (OPTP) to manage the storage and streaming of rich media content to compatible trading partner destinations. The streaming of rich media content falls under the umbrella of Syndic8’s revenue protection and content optimization services.

Syndic8, in response to customer demand, added the capability for customers to store and stream their rich media content to desired trading partner marketplace and retail destinations. Rich media includes highly effective forms of digital advertisement such as descriptive product videos and audio content. Syndic8’s drag-and-drop interface allows for easy upload, storage, and management of rich media content. Once this rich media is uploaded, Syndic8 manages the distribution of this content to the client’s desired outlets.

Retail companies, within the highly competitive space of online marketplaces, must integrate technology into their digital media marketing. Rich media content is becoming the deciding factor whether one’s product is selected over a competitors. In a recent Yieldify study84% of consumers say that they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service by watching a brand’s video”.

“We knew rich media would enhance the customer experience, but we needed a third-party solution to achieve our vision.” Stated Ryan Bussman, Marketing Director of OPTP. “We chose Syndic8 due to the competitive price point they offered and their excellent customer service. We believe the use of rich media content will continue to increase as it is a cost-effective way to increase visibility and sales.”

About Syndic8

Syndic8 partners with leading brands, retailers, and marketplaces to increase the velocity and quality of data necessary to power digital sales. With a background in building financial trading applications, the founders of Syndic8 have built numerous large-scale, high-throughput applications designed to move data instantaneously between companies. Syndic8 brings this speed to a market where product, pricing, and inventory information typically take days or weeks to communicate; with Syndic8’s collaborative platform, communication takes place instantaneously. For more information, please visit Syndic8.io.

About OPTP

OPTP’s commitment to products centered in optimizing consumer’s health is additionally supported by publications created by industry professionals. Their 40 years of experience within the ever-changing space of consumer health has created a pedigree rooted in excellence. OPTP’s products aid physical therapists, rehabilitation practitioners, athletic trainers, personal trainers, and those who look for health-maximizing products. To view OPTP’s fitness enhancing products and educational resources please visit: https://www.optp.com.

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